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Smooth’s NFL Football Picks – Wildcard Weekend

Smooth’s NFL Football Picks – Wildcard Weekend

Wildcard Weekend begins on Saturday, and the race to Super Bowl 53 is under way. 8 teams will duke it out, looking to pass on to the next round. Last Week’s Results Head to Head: 10-6 Against the Spread: 7-6-3 Final Season to Date Totals Head to Head: 167-90-2 Against the Spread: 123-90-42 All Odds […]

Wildcard Weekend 2018

After 17 weeks we start the final push to the Super Bowl with Wild Card weekend. Saturday and Sunday games will be fast and furious. Should be an interesting set of matchups that will continue to the next round. Here’s the final results from the 2017 season. Head to head: 9-7 Against the Spread: 8-7-1 […]

Smooth’s Football Picks – Wildcard Weekend 2015

When we analyzed our Pre-season picks in September, we predicted Rex Ryan would keep his job after the Jets make the playoffs and the Chicago Bears & the New York Giants would play in the Wildcard. Waaaaaay-off! LOL! What we were correct in was Baltimore and Indianapolis would play in the wild card…just not each […]

NFL Wild Card Weekend 2014

The end of the season brings hope to some and disappointment to many. The next three weeks will determine who will be the best of the best or an also-ran. As for our season of picks, we’ve recovered the last three weeks, with over 10+ matchups picked correctly head to head. Last Week’s Results Against […]