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Week 15 – If the season ended today…


Week 15 and there were more teams that clinched their divisions, most notably Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. New England had the chance to close out the AFC East, but they tanked on Monday night verses Miami. Minnesota also blowing an opportunity to clinch the NFC North. We should see more teams clinch their divisions this weekend, with some important matchups heading our way.

Last Week’s Results

Head to Head: 9-7
Against the Spread: 9-7

Season to Date

Head to Head: 126-81
Against the Spread: 89-75-27

All odds courtesy of Oddsshark.com

Thursday, December 14

Denver at Indianapolis
Line: Broncos by 2½

This is a matchup that could have been more interesting had both teams won more games. But both teams are going nowhere fast. And this is a matchup for who gets the better draft spot.

This is my upset special!
Smooth’s Pick – Indianapolis 24-17

Saturday, December 16

Chicago at Detroit
Line: Lions by 5½

The Bears continue to play some pretty good football and this weekend, they can play spoiler on the road verses the Lions. Detroit needs this game badly and it’s going to a tough game to do it.

Smooth’s Pick – Detroit (28-16)

LA Chargers at Kansas City
Line: Pick ‘em

The winner of this game takes control of the AFC West, and right now the Bolts have the advantage. Despite the Chiefs playing at home, the Chargers have the upper hand because they’re playing better.

Smooth’s Pick – LA Chargers (27-21)

Sunday, December 17

Arizona at Washington
Line: Redskins by 4½

The Redskins could have been in contention had they played better earlier in the year. But this is just to play out the season. The Cardinals need a win to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

Smooth’s Pick – Washington (19-17)

Baltimore at Cleveland
Line: Ravens by 7

Baltimore looks to solidify a wildcard spot verses the hapless Browns, who look like they won’t win another game this season. They’re destined to get the top pick in next year’s draft.

Smooth’s Pick – Baltimore (25-13)

Cincinnati at Minnesota
Line: Vikings by 11

Tough luck for the Vikings who missed the chance to clinch last weekend. They get another chance verses a Bengals team who probably won’t make .500 this season.

This is my lock!
Smooth’s Pick – Minnesota (37-10)

Green Bay at Carolina
Line: Panthers by 2½

The Packers get Aaron Rodgers back at the right time. They’ve struggled without him and they need to run the gauntlet and get to 10-6. The Panthers are a tough sell to do that.

Smooth’s Pick – Carolina (30-14)

Houston at Jacksonville
Line: Jags by 11½

Both teams are going in different directions. The Jags can control the AFC South win a win verses the Texans. This will be a huge win, as they will have a 10 win season for the first time in 10 years.

Smooth’s Pick – Jacksonville (33-12)

Miami at Buffalo
Line: No Line

The Bills need to win all their games to get any chance at a wild card. The Dolphins shocked the Patriots last weekend, but with snow in the forecast in Buffalo on Sunday, it’s looking pretty bleak for the fish.

Smooth’s Pick – Buffalo (17-10)

NY Jets at New Orleans
Line: Saints by 16

Gang Green got clobbered in the Mile High city last weekend, and it could get worse going into the Big Easy. The Saints can clinch a playoff berth with a win Sunday, and they could get it.

Smooth’s Pick – New Orleans (33-7)

Philadelphia at NY Giants
Line: Eagles by 7½

The G-men are just not that good this season. With injuries and the debacle at the helm, it just wasn’t meant to be. For the Eagles, they’ll have to win the rest of the way without Carson Wentz who had successful surgery on his knee. Nick Foles will lead the way in the playoffs.

Smooth’s Pick – Philadelphia (27-14)

LA Rams at Seattle
Line: Seahawks by 2½

The Rams failed in their test against a formidable opponent. They get another chance verses a Seahawks team who need this game badly.

Smooth’s Pick – Seattle (23-21)

New England at Pittsburgh
Line: Patriots by 3

The Steelers are slight underdogs verses the Patriots, who could lose two straight. That would be unheard of in the Tom Brady era. But the Patriots have had the Steelers number the last few years.

Smooth’s Pick – New England (26-22)

Tennessee at San Francisco
Line: Niners by 2

This is a rare moment for the Niners, being favored against a team over .500. That’s because they have a two game win streak. The Titans need to figure out their offense problems and fast.

Smooth’s Pick – San Francisco (21-15)

Dallas at Oakland
Line: Cowboys by 3

Dallas needs to win on Sunday night to keep their wildcard dreams alive. They take on a Raiders team who have sputtered at the worst time possible. The Silver and Black need to stop the bleeding fast.

Smooth’s Pick – Dallas (27-19)

Monday, December 18

Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Line: Falcons by 6

The Falcons got the big victory over New Orleans to keep their division title hopes. But they’ll need to continue to win and having to go to a division rivals house, that gonna be a tall order.

Smooth’s Pick – Atlanta (27-20)

Now with all of our picks, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. If you have a gambling problem, then please seek help by going to gamblersanonymous.org.

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Week 14 – Fantasy Football League Regular Season Ends This Weekend!


It’s week 14 and this week is the final week of most Fantasy Football Leagues. We’ve been playing with a 12 team internet broadcast league for the last 9 years. So far, our team, the SJM ThunderCats are struggling to make the championship round of the playoffs. Last year’s champs, Fumbles and Stumbles are looking for a repeat, while 3 time champs, the Choirboys put up the highest point total of the season. However, they’re in the wildcard spot and could be kicked out of the championship round with a loss. In two weeks, we’ll have a Fantasy Football League champion. Stay tuned.

Last weekend,

Head to Head: 13-3
Against the Spread: 10-3-3

Season to Date

Head to Head: 117-74
Against the Spread: 80-68-27

All odds courtesy of oddsshark.com

Thursday, December 7

New Orleans at Atlanta
Line: Falcons by 1

This is a huge game for the dirty birds. They need a win to stay alive in the NFC South. A loss will not only knock them out of the division hunt, it might even knock them out of the wild-card.

Smooth’s Pick – Atlanta (23-21)

Sunday, December 10

Chicago at Cincinnati
Line: Bengals by 6

Tough loss for Cincinnati verses Pittsburgh pretty much ends their playoff hopes. However, there’s still a chance for a .500 record with the Bears coming to town. Chicago have been horrible on the road. This is the Bengals chance to get a “W”.

Smooth’s Pick – Cincinnati (28-14)

Dallas at NY Giants
Line: Cowboys by 4

The Bob McAdoo era is over, Interim head coach Steve Spagnolo will take the helm for the rest of the year. If there’s any consolation, a win by the G-men will knock the Cowboys out of the playoffs.

Smooth’s Pick – Dallas (26-13)

Detroit at Tampa Bay
Line: None

No line on this game because of the game-day status of QB Matthew Stafford. He suffered an injury on his throwing hand. Team doctors say he’ll play this weekend. Just how effective he’ll be is another story. This is a must win for the Lions.

Smooth’s Pick – Detroit (20-12)

Green Bay at Cleveland
Line: Packers by 3

A few weeks ago, the point spread would have been 10 points or more. But with the Packers playing the way they are, it’s no telling what kind of team will play on Sunday.

Smooth’s Pick – Green Bay (27-16)

Indianapolis at Buffalo
Line: None

Also no line of this one because the Bills QB situation. They looked horrible last weekend verses the Patriots. They need to win the rest of their games for any chance for the wild-card. The Colts look like they could end their season right now.

Smooth’s Pick – Buffalo (13-9)

Minnesota at Carolina
Line: Vikings by 3

The Vikings bring their high powered defense to Charlotte to take on the Panthers. Cam Newton have issues with these types of games. The Vikings now have a chance to seriously look at overtaking Philadelphia for the #1 spot in the NFC.

Smooth’s Pick – Minnesota (23-16)

Oakland at Kansas City
Line: Chiefs by 4

KC continues their downward spiral, and it doesn’t get any easier. The Raiders come into town needing a win to keep their playoff dreams going. This is an even matchup, Oakland won on a last second TD and Field Goal in week 4. KC will go for revenge.

Smooth’s Pick – Kansas City (19-16)

San Francisco at Houston
Line: Texans by 2½

The Niners got their second win of the season last weekend in Chicago. It will be a challenge to put together a two game win streak with a second straight road win. The Texans are tough at home.

Smooth’s Pick – Houston (24-13)

NY Jets at Denver
Line: Pick ‘em

With their 8th loss in a row, the Broncos are on their worst losing streak in nearly 50 years. The Jets ended a two game skid by beating Kansas City, and they can make it two in a row with a win this weekend.

Smooth’s Pick – NY Jets (20-17)

Tennessee at Arizona
Line: Titans by 3

The Titans look to continue their AFC South title hopes with a win in the desert. The Cardinals continue to struggle having lost three of their last 4 games. However, this game could change their fortunes.

Smooth’s Pick – Arizona (23-20)

Washington at LA Chargers
Line: Bolts by 6

The Chargers looked dead in the water starting their season with 4 straight losses. But they’ve gone 6-2 during that stretch, and with the battered Redskins coming to town, their win streak may continue.

This is my lock!
Smooth’s Pick – LA Chargers (31-13)

Philadelphia at LA Rams
Line: Rams by 2½

If you look between the numbers during the Eagles win streak, only two teams have records over .500. Both of those teams they lost. The Rams get their biggest test of the year and this could be a playoff preview.

Smooth’s Pick – LA Rams (24-21)

Seattle at Jacksonville
Line: Jags by 2½

Sports books have the Seahawks as underdogs, because they’re going from west coast to east coast. But they’ve done very well this season. The Jags have let down betters a number of times with disappointing home losses. This looks like another heartbreaker.

This is my upset special!
Smooth’s Pick – Seattle (26-23)

Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Line: Steelers by 5

Pittsburgh won a brutal Monday night game verses Cincinnati. They get another brutal matchup with the Ravens, who won three straight and need this game to stay alive in the AFC North. A win by the Steelers would clinch the division.

Smooth’s Pick – Pittsburgh (28-13)

Monday, December 11

New England at Miami
Line: Patriots by 11

The Patriots go for their 9th straight and another AFC East crown with a win verses the Dolphins, who snapped a 5 game losing skid. Look for the Patriots to rip the depleted Miami defense. Rob Gronkowski will not be playing due to a suspension.

Smooth’s Pick – New England (38-12)

Now with all of our picks, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. If you have a gambling problem, then please seek help by going to gamblersanonymous.org.

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The Giants Moving Forward After Ben and Jerry’s.

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp

Well Giants fans, your long national nightmare is over.

Owner John Mara has relieved head coach Bob McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese of their duties, and now comes the long road to recovery.

There were a number of fatal errors that led this team to where we are now. This team has been neglected for a number years thru sheer incompetence in evaluating talent and a proper game plan to help the team be competitive on the field. You can thank Reese for that. By neglecting to draft offensive linemen, the Giants haven’t been able to score more than 30 points in a game for the last 5 seasons. Eli Manning’s numbers would have been much better than where they are now.

Look at other teams during this stretch. The New England Patriots have been able to replenish their offense by keying on specific needs to keep Tom Brady at the top of the charts. The Pittsburgh Steelers have also done a lot to help Ben Rothlisberger and his longevity. It’s a miracle that with this Giants offensive line Eli Manning hasn’t suffered a serious injury, thus jeopardizing his career.

NFL: New York Giants-Ben McAdoo Press Conference

From the moment Ben McAdoo took the podium at his press conference to be head coach of the G-men two years ago, it was clear from his oversized suit that this decision was wrong from the get-to. He clashed with his players, refused to give up play calling until it was too late, and seemingly had it in for Eli Manning as a way to justify his incompetence.

Well, now it’s over and Big Blue Nation had a large part in McAdoo’s and Reese’s departure. The talk of a full scale boycott by Giants fans in the last three home games made it impossible for John Mara to ignore. A half-filled stadium of unhappy spectators would be just too much for ownership to endure. Eventually, money talks and the loss of much needed revenue made this firing a business decision.

Moving forward, we can only hope John Mara and Steve Tisch will learn from this. Eli Manning deserved better than the treatment he received. Whether he decides to retire as a Giant is his call. I hope he does. Every NFL team goes thru peaks and valleys every year. We’re going through a valley and eventually we’ll be able to endure the journey.

It’s all part of the process of being a fan.

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Week 13 – Closing the “Book of Eli”


Week 13 and three teams have already been eliminated from playoff contention. The Browns, the Niners and the Giants. Like all fans “Big Blue”, we’re still stunned at the benching of Eli Manning. More than likely, we may have seen the last of the two-time Super Bowl MVP in a Giants uniform. The future of life without Eli begins this weekend.

Head to Head: 11-5
Against the Spread: 9-5-2

Season to Date

Head to Head: 104-71
Against the Spread: 70-65-24

All odds courtesy of Oddsshark.com

Thursday, November 30

Washington at Dallas
Line: Redskins by 1

Three weeks ago, this would have been a marquee matchup. But with both teams on the skids and just about out of contention, this is just another game being played out for the season to end. It should still be an intriguing game.

Smooth’s Pick – Dallas (24-16)

Sunday, December 3

Denver at Miami
Line: Pick ‘em

Both teams are also heading downhill, more so for the Broncos. Their once great offense can’t get started. Miami still with QB issues. This could get ugly.

Smooth’s Pick – Miami (14-12)

Detroit at Baltimore
Line: Ravens by 2½

Every game is big for these two teams. The Lions need to bounce back from a loss to the Vikings. The Ravens look to capitalize and stay close to the Steelers. This could be a close one.

Smooth’s Pick – Baltimore (20-17)

Houston at Tennessee
Line: Titans by 7

This is a divisional game that with make or break the Texans for the season. A win by Tennessee gives them a chance to take control in the AFC South.

Smooth’s Pick – Tennessee (24-13)

Indianapolis at Jacksonville
Line: Jags by 9½

Another divisional game, although the Colts could play spoiler, but that’s not likely. The Jags need a win to keep pace with Tennessee.

Smooth’s Pick – Jacksonville (34-16)

Kansas City at NY Jets
Line: Chiefs by 3

The Chiefs are in trouble. They came out of the starting blocks on fire and now they find themselves looking from behind at the Chargers on their back. They get a chance to get back on track with Gang Green, but it won’t be easy.

Smooth’s Pick – Kansas City (17-13)

Minnesota at Atlanta
Line: Falcons by 3

The Vikings can sew up the NFC North with a win this weekend. The Falcons might be on the outside of the playoff hunt. They need this victory to keep themselves relevant.

Smooth’s Pick – Atlanta (31-24)

New England at Buffalo
Line: Patriots by 8½

This is one of those games that the Bills usually play hard, a divisional game with the Patriots. But they’re still having issues at QB and the Patriots look to finish off the Bills.

Smooth’s Pick – New England (27-24)

San Francisco at Chicago
Line: Bears by 3

The Niners are losers of 10 out of 11, they travel to the windy city to take on the Bears, who are showing signs of life. They look to break a 4 game skid.

Smooth’s Pick – Chicago (19-16)

Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Line: Pick ‘em

These two teams used to play twice a year when there was the NFC Central. The Bucs had a hard time playing in the cold. They still do, but with the Packers hurting at QB, they look to steal a win in Lambeau.

Smooth’s Pick – Green Bay (21-14)

Cleveland at LA Chargers
Line: Bolts by 13½

The Browns just keep on losing, and losing. Another loss will guarantee Hue Jacksons’ firing at the end of the season. The Bolts look to pull to .500 with a victory.

This is my lock!
Smooth’s Pick – LA Chargers (37-10)

Carolina at New Orleans
Line: Saints by 4

The Panthers need this game and so do the Saints. Both teams are at 8-3. A win will probably mean a win in the NFC South for one of these teams.

Smooth’s Pick – New Orleans (28-21)

LA Rams at Arizona
Line: Rams by 7

The “Greatest Show on Turf” has returned to the Rams at its new home in Tinseltown. Despite the win, this will be a tough divisional matchup in the desert. Looks for the Cardinals to come out swinging.

Smooth’s Pick – LA Rams (26-19)

NY Giants at Oakland
Line: Raiders by 7

Giants management did the unthinkable this week and benched Eli Manning for of all people, Geno Smith. We’ll soon see if this was a move of desperation to save McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese’s jobs or an act of genius. Look for the Raiders to drop the hammer.

Smooth’s Pick – Oakland (35-7)

Philadelphia at Seattle
Line: Eagles by 5½

The Eagles continue to fly high, but this weekend they may have met their match. The Seahawks are matched perfectly on pass defense with Philly and their primed for competition.

This is my upset special!
Smooth’s Pick – Seattle (23-13)

Monday, December 4

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Line: Steelers by 5½

Slim chances for the Bengals. They’ll need to keep winning if they want to make the playoffs and they’ll need to beat division rivals. This is a chance to catch the Steelers sleeping.

Smooth’s Pick – Pittsburgh (29-13)

Now with all of our picks, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. If you have a gambling problem, then please seek help by going to gamblersanonymous.org.

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Week 12 – Happy Thanksgiving!


Week 12 and its time for Thanksgiving. We’ll be looking at number games that are crucial to making the playoffs. Six teams will be on a short week, which could mean a few upsets. All teams have gone through bye weeks, so it will be non-stop action for all 32 teams the rest of the way.

This broadcast was recorded before the Monday night game, so we won’t have that result until next week.

Head to Head: 8-5
Against the Spread: 7-5-1

Season to Date

Head to Head: 93-65
Against the Spread: 61-59-22

All odds courtesy of Oddsshark.com

Thursday, November 23

Vikings at Lions
Line: Pick ‘em

Probably the most intriguing matchup of the day. Both teams vying for the NFC North title. This is a bigger game for the Lions they need to stay ahead of the game. This is always a big game at home.

Smooth’s Pick – Detroit (28-23)

LA Chargers at Dallas
Line: Pick ‘em

It’s clear the Cowboys lost a step without Ezekiel Elliot on offense. Their defense is also losing steam. It’s gonna be tough to get past the Bolts who have Philip Rivers guiding the ship.

This is my upset special.
Smooth’s Pick – LA Chargers (24-19)

NY Giants at Washington
Line: Redskins by 7½

Big win for the G-men over a Chiefs team that looked flat. They travel to DC where they have trouble winning. For the Redskins, this is an opportunity to get back on the winning track after numerous losses.

Smooth’s Pick – Washington (30-17)

Sunday, November 26

Cleveland at Cincinnati
Line: Bengals by 7½

The losing continues for the Browns. It will probably continue for this week as well. For the Bengals, they got hard fought win on the road in Denver. They hope to avoid the upset.

This is my lock!
Smooth’s Pick – Cincinnati (21-9)

Carolina at NY Jets
Line: Panthers by 4½

The Panthers and Jets come off a bye week refreshed and ready and this could be a pretty good matchup. This is also a trap game for the Panthers, because the Jets are usually tough and can pull an upset.

Smooth’s Pick – Carolina (17-13)

Tennessee at Indianapolis
Line: Titans by 4½

Titans coming off a brutal loss to the Steelers, they have a divisional matchup verses the Colts, who are coming off a bye week, which could help them pull an upset at home.

Smooth’s Pick – Tennessee (23-21)

Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Line: No Line

Sportsbooks look at this matchup as unreadable. It’s a divisional matchup, there’s been some good vibes with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB. The Falcons are inconsistent and could be vulnerable to an upset.

Smooth’s Pick – Atlanta (34-12)

Miami at New England
Line: Patriots by 16½

It’s just as well the line on this game is high. The Dolphins play horrible in cold weather and to make matters worse, it’s in Foxborough. That’s makes Miami “sushi”.

Smooth’s Pick – New England (33-7)

Chicago at Philadelphia
Line: No Line

Strangely, also no line on this game. Could be because the Bears defense has shown signs of life. But the Eagles are flying high on their 8th straight win. Look for a blowout.

Smooth’s Pick – Philadelphia (37-16)

Buffalo at Kansas City
Line: Chiefs by 9½

Both teams have come crashing down quickly. The Bills were clobbered by the Bolts, the Chiefs looked horrible against the G-men. This will be a crucial game for both teams. One will have to win in order to stay in playoff contention.

Smooth’s Pick – Kansas City (21-12)

Seattle at San Francisco
Line: Seahawks by 7

The Seahawks go into this game with a chance to keep pace with the Rams in the NFC West. The Niners with nothing to lose, look to play spoiler at home. Always a tough matchup despite the record.

Smooth’s Pick – Seattle (27-14)

Denver at Oakland
Line: Raiders by 5

Both of these teams were supposed to contend for playoff spots, but this game is looking more and more like a game for next year. Another divisional matchup that should be excting.

Smooth’s Pick – Oakland (24-17)

New Orleans at LA Rams
Line: Rams by 2½

The Saints 8 game win streak is on the line verses the surprising Rams. LA has been lights out on offense. This will be their biggest test of the season.

Smooth’s Pick – New Orleans (30-27)

Jacksonville at Arizona
Line: Jags by 4½

Big win by the Jags last weekend, they can solidify their AFC South title hopes with a win on the road in the desert. They play better away from home and the Cardinals will try to keep pace in the NFC West.

Smooth’s Pick – Jacksonville (23-19)

Green Bay at Pittsburgh
Line: Steelers by 13½

It’s clear the Packers are not the same team, and looking more like this season is a lost cause. Heading to the ‘steel city’, this could be a death knell for Green Bay. The Steelers can wrap up the AFC North with a win.

Smooth’s Pick – Pittsburgh (36-10)

Monday, November 27

Houston at Baltimore
Line: Ravens by 7

The Texans got a big win at home and they look to continue the streak against the Ravens, who’ve been inconsistent all season. They play much better at home and should continue their aggressive play.

Smooth’s Pick – Baltimore (28-13)

That’s our NFL picks for the week. Before we go, we want to tell you who we think will the big game up north in the CFL this weekend.


105th Grey Cup
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Toronto Argonauts vs Calgary Stampeders
Line: Stampeders by 10

Last year, the Stampeders came up short in the Grey Cup verses the Ottawa Redblacks. This year, it’s about redemption. They’re led at QB by Eastern Washington’s Bo Levi Mitchell. Toronto is led by long time CFL great Ricky Ray. He’s made it known that this will be his final season in the CFL. Will he pull something like what Henry Burris last year and win a Grey Cup in his final game? Odds of that happening are pretty slim. Calgary has been the class of the league the last two years, and with that burning desire to right the wrong from last year, The Stampeders look like they can take it all.

Smooth’s Pick – Calgary (37-14)

Now with all our picks, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. If you have a gambling problem, then please seek help by going to gamblersanonymous.org.

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Week 11 – NFL Goes International


Week 11 and the league goes international with a game south of the border. A couple of changes at quarterback and the uncertain future of a head coach. Also, Colin Kaepernick is named GQ magazine’s “Citizen of the Year.” Still no sign of any team wanting to sign him.

Last Week’s Results

Head to Head: 9-4
Against the Spread: 7-4-2

Season to Date

Head to Head: 85-60
Against the Spread: 54-54-21

All odds courtesy of Oddshark.com

Bye week teams: Carolina, Indianapolis, New York Jets, San Francisco

Thursday November 15

Tennessee at Pittsburgh
Line: Steelers by 7

The Titans can pull ahead of the Jags in the AFC South. The Steelers can pretty much put away the AFC North with a victory. On paper this looks like an intriguing matchup. But if you read between the lines, this could be a blood bath.

Smooth’s Pick – Pittsburgh (31-13)

Sunday November 19

LA Rams at Minnesota
Line: Vikings by 2½

Both Case Keenum and Jared Goff are proving naysayers wrong with their outstanding play this season. But have led their teams to 7-2 records. Each team are sporting win streaks. Somethings gotta give.

Smooth’s Pick – Minnesota (24-18)

Washington at New Orleans
Line: Saints by 7½

Tough breaks for the Redskins this season, as they easily could have been 6-3. Instead their 4-5 and have to take on a Saints team that have looked like the team of old when they won the Super Bowl. A win will make it 8 in a row.

Smooth’s Pick – New Orleans (35-14)

Baltimore at Green Bay
Line: Ravens by 2

With the AFC North division title slipping away, the Ravens will have to settle for the wild card. They’ll need to win on the road. The Packers however finally broke through with Brett Huntley at QB. This will be a tough matchup.

This is my upset special!
Smooth’s Pick – Green Bay (23-19)

Detroit at Chicago
Line: Lions by 3
Another division rivalry game between the two. The Bears were playing better despite the two game losing streak. The Lions finally broke into a two game win streak. This is always tough to read. Look for a low scoring matchup.

Smooth’s Pick – Detroit (14-12)

Jacksonville at Cleveland
Line: Jags by 7

A win will give the Jags their first 4 game win streak since 2007. What a better time to do that than with the lowly Browns. The Jags play better on the road and should be able to handle the Browns on the road.

Smooth’s Pick – Jacksonville (27-10)

Arizona at Houston
Line: Cardinals by 1

Houston will need to find a way to get Tom Savage to score some points. He’s been largely ineffective as the Texans have a three game losing streak. The Cardinals have not had too much luck on the road this season. This could be a tug-o-war match.

Smooth’s Pick – Houston (24-21)

Tampa Bay at Miami
Line: Pick ‘em

This is also a re-scheduled game from week 1 because of the hurricane in South Florida. The Bucs got a big win over the Jets thanks to the defense. The Dolphins have had trouble on the road. Thankfully, their at home which should be a slight advantage.

Smooth’s Pick – Miami (26-20)

Kansas City at NY Giants
Line: Chiefs by 10½

Giants co-owner John Mara said he will stay with Ben McAdoo for the rest of the season, putting the team on notice that their jobs are not safe. It’s unknown how fans of Big Blue will react this weekend. With the Chiefs high powered offense coming to town, their might be a revolt.

This is my lock!
Smooth’s Pick – Kansas City (31-13)

Buffalo at LA Chargers
Line: Bolts by 4½

The Bills began the season on a hot streak, only to find them fading away. They were clobbered at home to the Saints. Now they have a cross-country road trip to LA where the Bolts have cooled down after losing two games. They’ve benched Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman

Smooth’s Pick – LA Chargers (33-14)

Cincinnati at Denver
Line: Broncos by 2½

The Broncos have been in a major slump, losing 5 straight and their season in the balance. The Bengals season also is on the line. This will be a good time for one team to turn their season around.

Smooth’s Pick – Denver (20-17)

New England vs. Oakland
Line: Patriots by 6½

This game will be played in Mexico City, where the altitude is higher than in Denver at over 7,200 feet above sea level. For that, throw this line out the window. The team winning the game will be the one rested. The Raiders are coming off a bye week, so that give them an advantage.

Smooth’s Pick – Oakland (26-21)

Philadelphia at Dallas
Line: Eagles by 3½

The Cowboys got spanked last weekend on the road. They’ll need to get back on the ball as the Eagles come to town riding a 7 game win streak. With Ezekiel Elliot out 5 games with a suspension, they look like a different team.

Smooth’s Pick – Philadelphia (24-19)

Monday November 20

Atlanta at Seattle
Line: Seahawks by 3

Both teams off big victories, but for the Seahawks it was a costly one, losing Richard Sherman for the rest of the season. Seattle is deep on defense and should handle the Falcons receivers. This could be the game of the week.

Smooth’s Pick – Seattle (28-16)

With all picks, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. If you have a gambling problem then please seek help by going to gamblersanonymous.org

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Week 10 – Playoff teams beginning to take shape


Week 10 and the playoff picture is starting to take shape. We’re not quite there yet, but some teams are beginning to show their dominance half way through the season. It will become a test in late December if they can continue that streak.

Last Week’s Results

Head to Head: 8-5
Against the Spread: 6-5-2

Season to Date

Head to Head: 76-56
Against the Spread: 47-50-19

All odds courtesy of Oddshark.com

Bye Week Teams: Baltimore, Kansas City, Oakland, Philadelphia

Thursday, November 9th

Seattle at Arizona
Line: Seahawks by 5½

Seattle is come off an ugly home loss to Washington. They have to travel to the desert to take on a Cardinals team that is struggling to stay alive in the NFC West. The Seahawks will make it tough for Arizona to win, despite being at home. It will be a close game.

Smooth’s Pick – Seattle (24-21)

Sunday, November 12th

Cincinnati at Tennessee
Line: Titans by 4½

Tennessee goes for their 4th straight win, while the Bengals try to build a new streak. They struggled on the road in Jacksonville. This game won’t be any different. Look for the Titans to open it up in the air.

Smooth’s Pick – Tennessee (26-18)

Cleveland at Detroit
Line: Lions by 12½

The Browns have been hopeless on the road, giving up nearly 30 points to the opposition. The Lions will have a field day verses a weak Cleveland secondary. A win will but the Lions even further in the drivers seat.

This is my lock!
Smooth’s Pick – Detroit (31-14)

Green Bay at Chicago
Line: Bears by 5½

It’s clear that the Packers are just not the same team without Aaron Rodgers. And for the first time in nearly 5 years, the Bears are actually favored against the Green Bay at home. A win and the Bears will be one game below .500.

Smooth’s Pick – Chicago (24-13)

LA Chargers at Jacksonville
Line: Jags by 3½

Fresh off a bye week, the Bolts travel to North Florida to take on a Jags team that is sporting a rare three game win streak. This is a chance for the Jags to take control of the AFC South with a win. But it won’t be easy despite being at home.

Smooth’s Pick – Jacksonville (28-17)

Minnesota at Washington
Line: Vikings by 1

This may be the game of the week. Both teams are evenly matched. However, we just don’t know which Redskins team will show up. We know the Vikings will look to extend their win streak to 6 games. This is another game to watch.

Smooth’s Pick – Minnesota (22-20)

Tampa Bay at NY Jets
Line: Jets by 2½

Gang Green looked good verses Buffalo at home. The challenge now is to win on the road where they have trouble. The Bucs will be without Jameis Winston and they have a familiar face starting, Ryan Fitzpatrick. A chance for the Jets to go to .500.

Smooth’s Pick – NY Jets (23-21)

New Orleans at Buffalo
Line: Saints by 3

This weekend they’re calling for cold weather at New Era Stadium, that doesn’t bode well for the Saints who don’t play well in the elements. The Bills will have to recover from their stinker in the Meadowlands. They had more than enough time to recover.

This is my upset special!
Smooth’s Pick – Buffalo (19-17)

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
Line: Steelers by 10

The Colts coming off a win on the road against a weakened Houston team helped their chance in the AFC South. It would matter, as the Steelers look to lay the smack down hard.

Smooth’s Pick – Pittsburgh (31-13)

Houston at LA Rams
Line: Rams by 11½

The Rams put up their highest point total of the season against bad Giants team. But they may have some trouble with a stronger Texans defense. The point total may be a bit high, but the Rams should be able to continue their success.

Smooth’s Pick – LA Rams (27-16)

Dallas at Atlanta
Line: Falcons by 2½

The Falcons have been horrible lately, losing four of their last 5 games. This is not the same Super Bowl team we saw last year. The Cowboys pose an interesting obstacle in Atlanta’s plans. Unless they can stop the Cowboys run game, it will be of no use.

Smooth’s Pick – Dallas (27-24)

NY Giants at San Francisco
Line: Giants by 2½

If you heard the AM Sports Beat on Monday, we called on Giants ownership to fire head coach Bob McAdoo. On Wednesday, unnamed sources have confirmed that McAdoo has lost the team’s respect. Sunday will be an indication if that is, in fact, true. The Niners are a weaker opponent, and if the G-Men can’t handle them and win, it just makes our commentary much more real.

Smooth’s Pick – NY Giants (24-23)

New England at Denver
Line: Patriots by 7½

The Patriots come off a bye week to take on a different Broncos team. Denver has struggled losing three in a row. Their once proud defense is in a state of tatters. The Patriots will be licking their chops.

Smooth’s Pick – New England (34-12)

Monday, November 13th

Miami at Carolina
Line: Panthers by 10

The Dolphins were humiliated on the road two weeks ago, getting shut out by Baltimore. They take on another tough defense with the Panthers looking to win their third straight.

Smooth’s Pick – Carolina (26-10)

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