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The Giants Moving Forward After Ben and Jerry’s.

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp

Well Giants fans, your long national nightmare is over.

Owner John Mara has relieved head coach Bob McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese of their duties, and now comes the long road to recovery.

There were a number of fatal errors that led this team to where we are now. This team has been neglected for a number years thru sheer incompetence in evaluating talent and a proper game plan to help the team be competitive on the field. You can thank Reese for that. By neglecting to draft offensive linemen, the Giants haven’t been able to score more than 30 points in a game for the last 5 seasons. Eli Manning’s numbers would have been much better than where they are now.

Look at other teams during this stretch. The New England Patriots have been able to replenish their offense by keying on specific needs to keep Tom Brady at the top of the charts. The Pittsburgh Steelers have also done a lot to help Ben Rothlisberger and his longevity. It’s a miracle that with this Giants offensive line Eli Manning hasn’t suffered a serious injury, thus jeopardizing his career.

NFL: New York Giants-Ben McAdoo Press Conference

From the moment Ben McAdoo took the podium at his press conference to be head coach of the G-men two years ago, it was clear from his oversized suit that this decision was wrong from the get-to. He clashed with his players, refused to give up play calling until it was too late, and seemingly had it in for Eli Manning as a way to justify his incompetence.

Well, now it’s over and Big Blue Nation had a large part in McAdoo’s and Reese’s departure. The talk of a full scale boycott by Giants fans in the last three home games made it impossible for John Mara to ignore. A half-filled stadium of unhappy spectators would be just too much for ownership to endure. Eventually, money talks and the loss of much needed revenue made this firing a business decision.

Moving forward, we can only hope John Mara and Steve Tisch will learn from this. Eli Manning deserved better than the treatment he received. Whether he decides to retire as a Giant is his call. I hope he does. Every NFL team goes thru peaks and valleys every year. We’re going through a valley and eventually we’ll be able to endure the journey.

It’s all part of the process of being a fan.


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