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Canadian Cable & Satellite Viewers Shut Out of NFL Sunday Ticket and Red Zone!


If you’re a cable or satellite subscriber in Canada and you want to see NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Red Zone, you’re out of luck!

The NFL reached a deal with an upstart company called, “DAZN”, which will provide both channels online.  The company will offer the services to its subscribers for $20 a month, or a yearly fee of $150 dollars after a 30-day free trial.  Customers can access the games via their computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, set-top boxes, smart TVs and video game consoles.  The model is similar to Netflix, Hulu and other online services.

DAZN was first launched in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland in 2016, and has expanded to other countries.  In addition to the NFL, DAZN also offers the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, NBA, NFL, MLB, Formula One and UFC matches.

This deal is nothing new, as the NFL has had exclusive rights with AT&T Direct TV for the last 17 years.  But this is the first time one of the 4 major sports leagues has had exclusivity away from cable and satellite companies in North America.

ESPN’s deal with the NFL ends in 2021, which they are paying $15.2 billion.   Fox, NBC and CBS deal with the NFL worth $28 billion is in effect until 2022.  Industry leaders will be looking at how the DAZN deal in Canada will affect future rights agreements with other sports leagues in the United States.


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