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Smooth’s Football Picks – Week 17


Week 17 and most of the playoff slots have been determined except two in the NFC. Those teams in the playoffs are still jockeying for positions, hoping they can either get a first round bye, or home-field advantage thru out the playoffs.

Last Week’s Results

Head to Head: 9-7
Against the Spread: 9-7

Season to Date

Head to Head: 138-100
Against the Spread: 101-100-39

All odd courtesy of oddsshark.com

All games take place on New Year’s Day
Sunday January 1st, 2017

New England at Miami
Line: Patriots by 9½

The Patriots can clinch home field thru out the playoffs with a win. As for Miami, they need to win and a Kansas City loss for a 5th seed in the wild card. The Dolphins run game is the equalizer in this matchup. If they can keep Tom Brady off their field enough time, they could pose an upset.

Smooth’s Pick – New England (21-17)

Oakland at Denver
Line: Broncos by 1

The Raiders will have to go forward without Derek Carr, Matt McGloin will attempt to do what another former Raider did Jeff Hostetler when he was with the Giants, win a Super Bowl. McGloin did start 6 games with the Raiders in 2013. The Broncos will be a tough ‘w’ to get.

Smooth’s Pick – Denver (23-21)

Kansas City at San Diego
Line: Chiefs by 5½

The Chiefs can clinch the AFC West and a 1st round bye with a win and an Oakland loss, but they’ll have to do it on the road in San Diego, which may be the Chargers final game at Quallcom Stadium. There’s talk of the Bolts moving back to LA to share the new home with the Rams. This game will be tough for both teams.

Smooth’s Pick – Kansas City (17-13)

New Orleans at Atlanta
Line: Falcons by 6½

Atlanta needs this game to gain a first round bye. They can also get it with three other scenarios involving a Falcons tie and Seattle and Detroit to either tie or lose. It won’t be easy on the road in New Orleans, as the saints look to finish strong.

Smooth’s Pick – Atlanta (34-28)

Seattle at San Francisco
Line: Seahawks by 9½

Seattle clinches a first round by win and an Atlanta loss or a tie, an Atlanta loss and a tie in the Green Bay/Detroit game. This game may figure to be an easy “w” for Seattle, and probably Chip Kelly’s last game for San Francisco.

Smooth’s Pick – [Lock] Seattle (23-14)

NY Giants at Washintgon
Line: Redskins by 7½

Washington’s slim playoff hopes depend on a win verses the G-men, a Green Bay loss and a Tampa Bay loss or tie. What can’t happen is a GB/Det tie. Head coach Ben McAdoo has stated he will start his first squad for this game, making the point spread generous to Washington.

Smooth’s Pick – [Upset Special] NY Giants (24-21)

Carolina at Tampa Bay
Line: Bucs by 6

Tampa Bay needs a miracle. They need a win, a Washington win, and a Green Bay loss. The Bucs would get the 6th seed based on strength of schedule over Green Bay. It won’t be easy. They take on a Panthers team that is looking to even their disappointing season.

Smooth’s Pick – Tampa Bay (28-26)

Dallas at Philadelphia
Line: Eagles by 4

The Cowboys will probably sit most of their starters. They clinched home field thru out the playoffs. The Eagles will most likely take advantage.

Smooth’s Pick – Philadelphia (30-24)

Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Line: Steelers by 6

Pittsburgh also wrapping up the 3rd seed and will look to try and protect their big guns for next weekend. This makes the spread less than what it should be verses a weaker opponent.

Smooth’s Pick – Pittsburgh (31-17)

Buffalo at NY Jets
Line: Bills by 3½

The Bills just fired the Ryan brothers, they’ve sat their starting QB and will have to try and somehow get to .500 against the lowly Jets, who will have to regroup after a poor campaign.

Smooth’s Pick – Buffalo (28-13)

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Line: Colts by 4½

Disappointing seasons on both teams, the Colts were supposed to contend but floundered. The Jaguars also flopped this season and will have to regroup with a new head coach and the draft.

Smooth’s Pick – Indianapolis (24-16)

Chicago at Minnesota
Line: Vikings by 5

What should have been a promising season with Teddy Bridgewater turned into a disaster. Sam Bradford will compete for the job next year. Chicago probably will part ways with John fox after a disappointing season.

Smooth’s Pick – Minnesota (20-18)

Houston at Tennessee
Line: Titans by 3

Tennessee had their chance last week and failed. They have to regroup next season with a healed Marcus Mariotta. The Texans need to get their QB problems settled before wildcard weekend, otherwise, they could be 1 and out.

Smooth’s Pick – Tennessee (30-14)

Baltimore at Cincinnati
Line: Bengals by 2½

This could be the “swan song” of Marvin Lewis after 14 years as Cincinnati’s head coach and another disappointing season. Baltimore looks to the future many stars, like Steve Smith will call it a career.

Smooth’s Pick – Cincinnati (19-14)

Arizona at LA
Line: Cardinals by 6

A disappointing season as Arizona will say goodbye to wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald after 14 years. The Rams also look to the future as they will have to look to the draft and next season.

Smooth’s Pick – Arizona (34-12)

Green Bay at Detroit
Line Packers by 3½

This is set up to be a knockdown, drag out fight for all the marbles. The Packers are riding a 7 game win streak. The Lions have lost 2 straight and can’t afford to lose another. Look for this final game of the regular season to be a thriller. Last time these two teams met, Aaron Rogers lobbed a hail Mary for the win. Look for something similar.

Smooth’s Pick – Green Bay (24-21)

Now with all picks, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. If you have a gambling problem, then please seek help by going to gamblers anonymous dot org.


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